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Cartier Watch Serial Number Lookup

Cartier is credited with producing some of the very earliest wristwatches, and the first Cartier watch was made more than a hundred years ago in 1904. Today, Cartier is easily one of the most famous luxury brands in the entire world, and a number of its iconic models rank among the most recognizable timepieces of all time. Cartier is a favorite brand among many A-list celebrities, and the incredible fame and collectibility of Cartier watches makes them frequently targets for unscrupulous counterfeiters.

Cartier Watch Serial Number Lookup


Cartier watch serial numbers typically range from four to eight digits in length, with modern serial numbers generally consisting of six digits, followed by two letters. With that in mind, Cartier serial numbers have become longer over the years as the brand has expanded and its output has increased. Some Cartier watches will only have seven digits and will only contain one letter in their dial numbers, while others made even earlier can have fewer digits and not include any letters at all.

The four-digit case number describes the base model of the watch, and it will be the exact same on all of the various examples of that specific reference. Meanwhile, serial numbers (which often appear as six numerals followed by two letters on modern Cartier watches) are intended to be unique identifying codes, and each watch will have a different serial number, even if the two Cartier watches themselves are otherwise entirely identical.

When it comes to spotting a fake Cartier serial number, the first thing you should do is look at the quality of the serial number engraving itself. Everything about Cartier watches is executed to incredibly high standards, and this includes their serial numbers. If the engraving seems too faint, sloppy, or if there are any inconsistencies in the serial number on the watch versus what you would expect to find there in its place, that might be a sign that you are looking at a fake watch. For example, if you are looking at a modern Cartier watch that should have a standard 8-digit number but instead has a shorter serial number like you would expect to find on a watch produced many decades before the model in question was even released, that very well might be a red flag in regards to its authenticity.

Another thing you can do to verify the authenticity of a Cartier serial number is to simply Google it. Serial numbers are all entirely unique to their specific watches, and many counterfeiters will use the exact same serial number for multiple different fake watches. If you search your serial number and see it attached to any watch other than the exact one that you have in your hands, then that is a very good sign that it is a fake Cartier serial number and therefore jot a genuine watch.

All Cartier watches have serial numbers, but the location of the serial number and then number of digits that make it up can differ depending on the specific model of watch and when it was manufactured.

For certain Cartier watches, the first two digits of the serial number will correspond with the last two digits of the year that it was made. However for other Cartier watches, the specific year may have to be determined by its sequential numbering system, or it may even be necessary to contact the manufacturer in order to find out when it was made.

Many Cartier watches have their serial numbers engraved directly on their casebacks, and this means that they can easily be viewed by simply looking at the back of the watch. With that in mind, there are other Cartier watches that have serial numbers engraved in places that cannot be viewed unless you first open up the case of the timepiece.

A real Cartier watch will have a serial number engraved and not etched. A counterfeiter will often have a fake serial number etched into the back of the watch. The serial number will consist of two letters and six digits.

Unfortunately, there is no online tool to check if the serial number is genuine. You will have to contact a Cartier services department directly. However, one thing you should know is that an authentic Cartier watch will come with a certificate that will have the serial number on it. So, check the certificate matches the serial number on the watch before making your investment.

Whether to exploit legal loopholes or simply because of translation issues, the spelling on a fake Cartier is often wrong. The most common difference is the removal of the first R (so it reads Catier). The name is always engraved on the back of the watch with the correct spelling and serial number.

Most Cartier models have two important sets of numbers. The longer number is the serial number which is unique to every watch created. Current models have serial numbers that are 8 characters long and consist of 6 numbers and 2 letters. Modern Cartier watches also have a 4-digit number that is the case reference.

This is like a broad model number that indicates the movement inside and should also reflect the shape, size, and design of the watch case. In the example on the right above, case reference 3284 indicates a Cartier watch of this shape and size.

In addition to the key numbers, we also see important stamping that indicates the movement and make of the watch. For the watch on the right above, these stampings indicate that the watch has an automatic movement. On another line, we see that the metal of the watch case is stainless steel.

A Cartier watch is built for eternity. This is a collectible that is an object of desire for celebrities and collectors alike. A hundred-year-old Cartier Santos watch continues to function like it was built just yesterday and maintains a royal look, so if your Cartier casing shows shoddy engraving, you know it is a dud. Cartier watches are said to look better as they get older, cases sculpted like works of art. The watches come with a serial number which can be validated.

Finally, modern Cartier Love bracelets have a serial number. Remember this is not a style number, but a number that is unique to that particular piece only. So, there will never be a duplicate of this number. There are several different serial number formats including five digits + one letter, two letters + four digits, and three digits plus three digits.

It is important to note, however, that when Aldo Cipullo started making these in the seventies, the Love Bracelet did not come with serial numbers. So it is important to be extra vigilant when buying vintage Cartier Love jewelry pieces to avoid fake pieces. 350c69d7ab


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