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[S2E14] Crying Wolf

The episode starts with Jules (Michaela McManus) and Brady (Stephen Amell) burning the bodies of the dead werewolves so people will not find them. Another werewolf, Stevie (Erik Stocklin), is also there who informs them that Mason was looking for the moonstone to break the curse of the sun and the moon and explains that if the vampires break it then they will be able to walk in the sun but if the werewolves do it, then they will be able to turn whenever they want (even never) and not be forced to do it only at the full moon. Jules and Brady decide that they have to find the moonstone and everything that is needed to break the curse, including Elena (Nina Dobrev), and they ask Tyler's (Michael Trevino) help.

[S2E14] Crying Wolf

Damon gets back to the Salvatore house with Alaric (Matt Davis) and they try to figure out what Elijah wants and how they are going to kill him. Alaric has to meet Jenna (Sara Canning) and gets up to leave, but on his way out he gets stabbed from a werewolf and Stevie drugs Damon. The werewolves tie Damon up and they start torturing him so he will tell them where the moonstone is. Damon does not tell them anything when Elijah appears with the moonstone. He challenges the werewolves to take it and he kills all of them while Jules runs away. Before he leaves, he tells Damon once again to keep Elena safe.

At the Grill, Caroline and Bonnie talk about the plan to take down Luka. Matt passes by, but Caroline just waves to him. Tyler goes into the woods to Brady's trailer. Stevie, Brady and Jules ask him to help them to find the moonstone. They explain to him about the moonstone and the sun and the moon curse, but don't mention that Elena has to die in order to break it. Tyler wants to help because he doesn't want to turn into a wolf. Breaking the curse will allow him to turn when he wants. In the Grill, Caroline tries to talk with Matt. He tells her that he knows that she wasn't with Bonnie the night before because Bonnie was at the Grill. Then he leaves, but Tyler arrives.

Damon is being tortured by Stevie who wants to know where the moonstone is. Then Elijah enters with the moonstone. One wolf tries to get it, but Elijah rips his heart out. The same thing happens to the next two wolves. Jules runs away and Stevie is the only one left. Elijah breaks Stevie's neck and releases Damon.

Jules tries to get Damon to talk about the moonstone but he still refuses. Soon, Elijah arrives and asks Jules if this was the moonstone she wanted. Looking at him, she sees that he does indeed have the moonstone. Werewolf after werewolf approach to retrieve the moonstone but as fast as they come at Elijah, the faster he rips out their hearts. Jules makes an escape but Stevie cowers on the floor. Standing before Stevie, Elijah deals one final blow to him and his neck snaps. Finally releasing Damon from the chains, Elijah informs him that it now makes it 3 times that he has saved his life.

While brownie points are awarded for initiative, the wolf-pack really brought a whole new meaning to thick-headed. They did not have a solid strategic plan and they did not have enough information to accomplish their goals. Rushing in head-long only meant they were ill-prepared and that a lot more werewolves died in the process.

There were some glaring plot-holes in this episode such as when the werewolves staked Alaric. Surely a werewolf can smell the difference between a vampire and a human. Thus, killing Alaric was not necessary or even justified. Similarly, it was absurd that neither Damon nor Stefan heard the wolves well before they arrived on the scene. With their superior hearing and super fast reflexes, both Salvatore brothers should have been able to escape harm like it was second nature. Instead, both were ambushed, which felt unrealistic. It heightened the drama, but tested credibility. 041b061a72


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