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Buy Leather Laptop Bag

Crafted with black Italian leather with handmade Andean detail in the interior. At simple view, it looks like a sophisticated leather bag, but when you open it, you will be happy to see colors popping up from these unique Andean fabrics.

buy leather laptop bag

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Very functional, slim and light. Fits a 13" laptop, and has interior pockets to organize cables, cards, pens, and other small belongings. Robust exterior zipper closure. The Andean detail reflects hundreds of years of Andean textile tradition.

We want to be sure that each KEARA bag stays by your side for years, that's why we have invested in the best materials: leather, solid brass accessories, luxury Riri zippers. KEARA wishes to contribute to the establishment of quality standards for the manufacture of luxury leather goods in Senegal through training and the creation of stable jobs.

KEARA uses Aguayo: Andean fabric, from Bolivia, to create unique details on the leather. This fabric recalls centuries of textile tradition, and tells the stories of women weavers. The Aguayo is characterized by bright colors, symbols and shapes reminiscent of the heritage of the Inca cultures.

The Spry Leather Laptop Backpack II is the perfect black leather backpack for those looking to make a great, professional impression. An improved version of our Spry model, made of Italian full-grain, black pebbled leather, this laptop backpack combines effortless style with comfort and convenience. This elegant black leather backpack fits a 15.6" laptop in a padded compartment, and includes several pockets for easy organization of your documents and personal belongings. The Spry II is the ideal choice for work, and will ensure that you look sharp and professional for your colleagues and clients.

You would not show up to a job interview or a high profile pitch wearing a pair of worn out sneakers. So why would you show up to any professional environment toting a faux leather bag with frayed handles? Or worse yet, a cheap tote with your laptop knocking loosely to and fro on the inside?

A lot of laptop bags are created with the single purpose to only carry your laptop, but a good leather laptop messenger will be designed to accommodate the lifestyle requirements of a working professional.

Leather is timeless. Just like you, leather gets better with age. As your leather messenger accompanies you on your journey through life, it will absorb pieces of your story and become truly unique to you.

Having a quality leather messenger bag will simplify your life in ways you would not have expected. Investing in a multi pocketed, smartly designed messenger laptop bag is one of the best investments you will ever make.

My bag has traveled with me from Denver to San Diego, Dallas to Miami, Detroit to Nashville, and Charlotte to Las Angeles. This month my laptop messenger bag will be my companion on my trip to Tokyo, Japan.

With that in mind, we combed through hundreds of laptop cover cases in order to bring you the best laptop covers that not only provide the best protection for your laptop but can also work as a fashionable accessory.

POMPIDOO offers an extensive color range, which means various lighting conditions as well as various screen calibrations may result in a slightly different color/shade of your bag compared to online photos. Remember, leather is a natural material, so this is completely normal, which meansthe patina of the leather will naturally age and slightly darken in hue due to time and exposure to outside conditions.If you have any doubts about the color or its shade, please contact us at and we'd be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

We also strictly adhere to Fair Labor principles. A lot of attention has recently been drawn to working conditions in the textile and leather industry so we are proud to say that our production is locally-based in Europe. It's very satisfying to work for a company that supports both its national economy and fair labor.

Buying a leather laptop sleeve is one of the best purchases you can make for your laptop. Not only does it keep the laptop protected from both the bumps and dings of transport and storage, but it also looks amazing, keeps the laptop dry, is compact and easy to carry, and is multi-functional.

But there are things you need to know before buying just any leather laptop sleeve. Not all sleeves are created equal, and neither is all leather. At Custom Logo Cases we make it our mission to create the best leather laptop sleeves available, customized to your specifications, for a good price.

For example the Leather Stand Laptop Sleeve is more than just a carrying case, but it actually is a support for your laptop to make it easier for you to type and work. It turns a simple sleeve into a workstation that is accessible wherever you go, and can be used in the coffee shop, the boardroom, the train, or virtually anywhere else. The laptop riser lifts your laptop up on an angle to make it more ergonomic and better for your fingers, arms and nerves.

It also has an interior foam layer covered with a felt lining, making sure that your laptop in the sleeve will slide in and out freely and scratch-free. You will never need to worry about your laptop getting dings and dents from everyday use while ensconced in the leather laptop sleeve. Plus, being in the sleeve will keep your laptop free from any dirt or grime that it might otherwise gather.

Just as we do with our neoprene laptop sleeves, we take extra special care in the manufacturing of all our laptop sleeves. Everything from the die-cut process to the stitching to the zippers to structure is all done with the same care that you would expect from a high-end retailer. We know that our name is on the line, and we make sure that every leather laptop sleeve that we create meets our rigorous standards.

When it comes to colors, we understand that we are taking your brand in our hands, and we are determined to make you look good to all of the customers, students, and employees to whom you will be giving these custom laptop sleeves to.

Let's admit it, everyone...we all love leather goods and accessories, don't we?... Well, yes! and don't think that leather has become popular in this century with all the booming fashion industry. Actually, leather has been used by humans for creating clothes, goods, accessories and more for many years - The earliest record of leather artifacts dates back to 2200 BC. Ok, so, you know by heart that leather products are the best choices, especially for bags. But, do you actually know the real benefits of buying leather bags?... Well, no worries... We're about to dig in and explain the features and benefits of this special material that has dragged its popularity century over a century...

1- Durability & Flexibility: Leather is very well-known for its durability and resistance - that's actually one of the reasons that make it one of the most used materials for handbags. You can use your leather handbag every single day with no fear of getting it torn. Its natural flexibility also adds up as a complementary feature to its durability and in time it gets flexible which gives a unique form to its shape and makes it age beautifully while not losing anything from its stylish look, form or functionality.

2- Natural & Eco-Friendly: Leather is a natural material unlike other synthetic products used to make bags. This also means that the process of producing a leather bag does not pollute the environment as it'd do while producing a synthetic or faux bag by using more chemicals. Leather makes us feel good and gives a peace-of-mind, as knowing that it's natural, not made of unknown lab-based chemical products.

3- Naturally-Waterproof & Breathing: Leather bags provide a certain level of protection for your belongings inside if you suddenly get caught by drizzle or light rain. Of course, we don't mean to claim that nothing would happen if you get your bag soaked up in the water, but it can stand resistant against moisture proudly. Also, leather does breathe. That means, it fights also against bad odor, fungal attack, dust mites or dry abrasion that might easily happen to other fake leather or synthetic bags.

5- Stylish & Elegant: Its unique sense of elegance and sophistication of a leather bag can be, by far, the first thing that the whole world agrees on. When you carry a top-grain leather briefcase, be it in navy blue, red or just classic black color, you'd most probably feel the most classy person in the entire meeting room, during your business trip and all in-between. Or take, for example, a laptop backpack that is handmade with luxurious and fine details that you can take to work, use for a comfortable daily-commute... Its timelessness with a sleek and elegant look is what you would ask from a laptop bag, right?

ok, now that we've finished mentioning why you should choose leather handbags, we're going to mention why you should choose Evan Red Briefcases (Amsterdam Collection) or Backpacks (London Collection).

So, first of all, all our bags, both briefcase and handbags are made of top-grain leather, so all those beautiful features and benefits we've listed above directly apply to our bags - but what makes our bags unique is the combination of its sleek and timeless design with the smart and functional interior. This plays an important factor as you may know as a working professional in the first place, that when it comes to buying a laptop bag, you look for something more than just being stylish. It has to be functional too. Or just reverse it, it can be functional, but way too far from being even in the stylish borderline? That's exactly why our bags are the perfect choices for you!...

One of the first things that you should consider when shopping around for a leather laptop bag is the size or its dimensions. Whether you choose leather backpacks or messenger bags, the best size suited for you may depend on the size of your laptop and the other things you usually bring in business events. 041b061a72


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