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How to Change Lenovo Serial Number in BIOS - TechTips

If you own a Lenovo product, you might need to find your Lenovo serial number for a number of reasons. If you go to the Lenovo website, it will ask you for the serial number in order to show you the specifications of your system or the warranty status of your product. If you phone Lenovo, they may ask you for the serial number to confirm a number of things such as Warranty, Specifications, etc.

Change Serial Number Lenovo Thinkcentral Mt

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Lenovo has a wide range of products and all of them have serial numbers on it. Following is the list of Lenovo products and possible places where you look for the serial number. You will find most serial numbers in the format similar to S/N 12-34XXX.

Usually, Smartphones and tablets do not have a serial number on visible parts. To find serial number tap Settings (System settings) > System (All settings) > System > About phone. Tap Status and you will see the IMEI and serial number of your phone

To find the serial number, tap Settings (System settings) > System (All settings) > System > About tablet. Tap Status, and you will see the serial number of your tablet.

A quick check on the Lenovo support site didn't show a TPM update listed for that model, but you may want to search more thoroughly based on your serial number. They do have TPM 2 updates from some ThinkCentre models. It may be worth contacting support directly, just to be sure.


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