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GTA 5 Realistic Car Pack: Over 300 Amazing Vehicles for GTA 5

chevrolet corvette zr1 gta 5 realistic car modwant to get your hands on a zr1? this mod will make that happen. this one features the iconic 6.2-liter lt4 v8 engine from the zr1, which is known for its insane power and ability to break down walls.

gta 5 realistic car pack

when i saw that tennis-stairway-seven had been squashed i figured i should give this a try, since that was our biggest problem. ive still crashed once with this car pack since i put it together for fivem and i believe there might be more problem vehicles in it, i just dont have time to test it thoroughly, but apparently the crashes now tell us which vehicle is the one causing problems, all i had to do was remove the files for that vehicle from the stream folder, it was easy to fix and i hope if any more problems appear it will be as easy the last one.

if youre a fan of jdm culture and japanese imports in particular, what better way to satisfy your gta 5 realistic car mod thirst than an authentic nissan r34 gt-r made famous by paul walker in the fast and furious franchise, this is one jdm legend thats sadly not available in the us because of import laws.

best not waste your precious internet on bullshit file sizes. just downloading every car separate is actually less bytes. besides, then you get the cars you want, not what the mod author thinks is best for you.. which is nothing but modern, luxury sports cars. if that isn't what your looking for don't go for it. sadly we don't have any other car packs which change vehicle variety. just about all of them give you supercars. if that's what it is you like, enjoy. not really my choice, but i'm just giving you a general overview of what choices you have for car mods, since december 2015, and now.


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