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Styles Solton Download: A Guide to Customizing Your Keyboard with Rhythms and Patterns

(Oct 2014) Thanks to one of the PSR Tutorial Forum members for providing us with a batch of styles converted from other keyboards for use with the Yamaha PSR-9000. These styles, of course, also work on later Yamaha arranger keyboards. All of the styles have 4 variations, but none have OTS voices. None of the styles here are exact duplicates of styles provided in other sections. Since these are conversions, they may require additional tuning for your particular keyboard and, of course, you would have to add your own one touch setting voices if you want them included with the style.

Styles Solton Download

If you are looking for styles that are new and different from what you have come to expect from the traditional Yamaha styles, and if you have learned how to adjust styles, you will undoubtedly find many great new additions to your library in this collection.

Here you will find our original Styles (Patterns) designed and written by Carillon for Solton Keyboards. Our styles are only available directly from this web site and are written by our team of dedicated writers. We would also like to point out they are not just edits of rhythms that you will already find in your instrument. Our styles enable a player to be more creative and get more out of their Solton keyboard and cover a wide range of musical tastes. We believe we are the only business that still supports these instruments! All our Solton disks have at least twelve patterens included and some as many as sixteen.

If you have not ordered from us before you just might wonder how good our styles are. Not sure if you are ordering a decent product? Well in this world we don't blame anyone for doubting so we have included mp3 audio files on each disks details page so that you can listen first and then buy with confidence!

Treat yourself to 100 brand new RealStyles for country, bluegrass, jazz, funk, rock, and pop with the new XPro Styles PAK 4 for Band-in-a-Box 2022, but why stop there? The new Xtra Styles PAKs 14 & 15 include 17 MultiStyle groups and 200 new styles for Rock, Pop, Jazz, and Country, as well as genres like '80s glam rock, rockabilly, big band, space rock, metal, funk, and more!

Order any version of Band-in-a-Box 2023 for Windows and receive your download key right away for use with our One-Click Installer, but don't wait too long... our Band-in-a-Box 2023 for Windows special ends December 31st!

Arranger modes: Easy Chord, Pianist, Dynamic Arranger,Retrigger, Bass to Lowest, Lower, Bass Sustain, Octave Hold, Swell to Right, Restart,Hold. Automatic Tempo.PATTERNS - 24 Programmable styles with Record,Delete, Copy, Tempo, Quantize, Time Signature control.SONG RECORD - 'Real Time' sequencerrecords performance directly onto disk.DISK DRIVE - Functions: Format, Directory, Delete,Rename, Copy, Transpose, Tempo, Song/Pattern Chain. Load/Save for Programs, User Drum Set,User Voice, Pattern, PCM Voices (.snd), Grooves (.grv). Fast Load/Multitask.


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