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Where To Buy Toter Trash Cans ((INSTALL))

When it comes to outdoor trash cans, this model has all the features you're looking for. There's the sturdy plastic construction with bottom wear strip, the rugged wheels for easily maneuvering the can and the secure lid that keeps out neighborhood pests.

where to buy toter trash cans

Keep your home clean and tidy with the help of outdoor trash cans, recycling bins and accessories from Ace Hardware. Explore different types of garbage bins and accessories, then explore more home cleaning and organization solutions.

Built to withstand years of all-season use, outdoor trash cans are tough, weather-resistant and available in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials and colors, making them the perfect choice for frequent, heavy-duty trash disposal.

I affirm that I am a City of Frederick resident and have verified my address in the City's GIS. Once you have confirmed you are a City resident please visit our online store to purchase compost bins and trash toters.

For broken or missing trash & recycling toters, or to make changes to your curbside services, please call the Gardner Health Department at 978-630-4013.Trash & Recycling Calendar Curbside Pickup Trash & Recycling Calendar

Reviewed is here to help. We spent several weeks prodding, stuffing, and dropping from the second floor some of the top-selling 32-gallon trash cans to find which ones are worth your money. After tallying up the results, the Toter Blackstone (available at Amazon) proved itself resilient, easy to use, and easy to secure, allowing it to claim the top spot.

The Toter Blackstone won our best overall award. It beat the competition by being versatile, flexible, and mobile. When you first see the Toter, you'll notice that it towers over other garbage cans, measuring in at 37.5 inches tall. During testing, we found that the taller and funnel-like profile increased the odds that the trash bags we dumped were secure. When loaded with trash, we also noticed that the entire barrel lists forward. This design choice lent itself to stability, absorbing normal bumps and shocks without tipping.

Security testing included checking how well each model resisted tipping over, how animal resistant they were, and how well they held in odors. The tipping test involved swinging a weight at both the top and bottom of the trash can and also a few good elbow strikes. The animal resistance test involved binding my hands in duct tape and then attempting to open the trash cans by any means, including knocking them over and belly flopping on them. Finally, we did a sniff test. We placed smashed 20 beads from inside an air freshener inside selected cans then placed them in an isolated area. We then asked volunteers to give the area a whiff.

When the average family of four produces around 80 pounds of refuse a week why wouldn't you want a trash barrel with wheels? Simplicity is a good answer. If a wheel or axle on a wheeled trash can breaks, it's kaput, they typically don't have the handles or smooth bottoms to carry or drag them anywhere. A garbage can with no wheels also tends to be cheaper. So it's a good idea if you're getting one for storage.

You can't have a roundup of trash cans and not include an Oscar the Grouch house! The Behrens 31 Gallon Galvanized Steel garbage can has plenty going for it. First, amongst all the trash cans we tested, it was the easiest to clean. The stainless-steel body has no odd corners in the interior so it's easy to wash out. Regularly washing out your trash cans can help keep critters away. Not that many pests can chew their way through steel. Our second favorite aspect this trash can's durability. After accepting all the punishment we had to give, we were able to bend the Behrens back into place.

The 32-gallon Blue Hawk shares a lot of similarities with the Ace Hardware Roughneck, only this one is available at Lowes. We found the low price to be very appealing. However, durability concerns also plagued this model. One good smack can warp the lid or tip this model over. After subjecting it to our durability testing, we found several cracks in the side of the body. As far as trash cans go, the Blue Hawk is a good-enough-for-now model.

Trash toters are available in three sizes. Each household is allowed one (1) trash toter with no monthly charge. Once initially purchased, no other fees will incur unless the resident requests to change the size of their toter, or requests an additional trash toter. With the request of a size change, the resident will incur a one-time $30 fee on their utility bill. If you would like an additional trash toter, you will be charged a monthly trash fee of $5, $7, or $9, based on the size of the additional trash toter.

We have a strong commitment to public safety, public property as well as employee safety. With the use of automated packer trucks for refuse collection we are requesting your assistance in the placement of trash toters.

Toters for trash collection are available for lease on a two (2) year basis at a cost of $88.00. After 2 year - $3.63 a month. These toters are 96 gallon containers that hold regular trash. These toters make it easy to contain trash and prevent nuisance that is associated with refuse storage and collection. Contact the Department of Public Service at 734-324-4581 with any questions. If you would like to pay by credit card over the phone, please call Customer Service at 734-324-7190.

WM offers weekly subscription curbside recycling collection for a fee. WM will supply one (1) 96 gallon recycling bin per home for the collection of recyclables. The recycling container should be placed curbside on your trash day every other week only. Collection will be every other week. Items that will be collected curbside include the following: newspaper, ad inserts, junk mail, phone books, cardboard & boxboard (cereal boxes, pop cases, etc.) magazines & catalogs, plastic containers #1-#7, clear glass bottles and jars, tin, aluminum, and steel cans. If interested in this program contact WM at 1-800-796-9696 or 1-866-797-9018.

The Borough of Phoenixville Ordinance states you will be allowed to use only the toters provided to you by the Borough. The Borough provides one trash and one recycle toter. Each resident may purchase one additional trash and one additional recycle toter per household (four toters in total per household).

If your trash toter is lost or stolen, you are responsible for purchasing a replacement toter. Residents are responsible for the cleanliness of their toters. Please hose them out to maintain them. Trash and recycling must be placed in your toter for pick up. Plastic bags left on the ground will not be picked up.

We've evaluated these garbage cans according to their design, overall performance, ease of use, and the types of animals they're built to keep out. These garbage cans are ideal for homeowners or renters who live just about anywhere. In cases like mine, they're useful for keeping all sorts of wildlife out (even bears), but they're also ideal for urban residents who are dealing with rats, raccoons, and other animals.

If you're looking for additional ways to keep animals from bothering your garbage cans, strategies such as sprinkling some ammonia on each trash bag can help to deter raccoons and dogs. Leaving your garbage cans in an area that's well-lit or with lights that are on motion sensors at night may also help.

Very few garbage cans are strong enough to keep bears from getting into your trash, but this Toter 64-Gallon Bear-Tight Wheeled Trash Can is one of the few that's up to the task. The key to this trash can's strength is its steel-reinforced rim and latch, and its double-walled lid. The bear-proof latch helps to keep your garbage secure, and the polyethylene construction is durable and scratch-resistant. Quarter-inch steel U-bolt hinges further reinforce the lid and ensure that it can't be easily pulled off. While this garbage can will keep bears out, it's ANSI-certified for both safety and compatibility with automated and semi-automated garbage truck lifters.

When it comes to keeping rodents out of your trash cans, metal is one of the only ways to stop them from chewing their way through the cans. The Behrens 20-Gallon Metal Garbage Can is made of galvanized steel for chew-proof durability. The lid fits tightly, though there isn't any sort of latch or system to hold the lid in place, so larger animals, like raccoons, could still get into this garbage can (and make a lot of noise).

This trash can offers plenty of benefits. Thanks to its steel construction, it won't absorb odors the way plastic trash cans do. Two generously sized handles make it easy to carry, and the steel will not rust. An offset design keeps the actual bottom of the can from touching the ground, further extending its life by preventing it from sitting in rainwater or moist ground.

The trash can is a 32-gallon size, which is ideal, especially if you have to load it into a vehicle or move it out to the curb for pickup. Unlike some other animal-proof garbage cans, this one is manageable without being too large and heavy, especially when full. The handles are also well-designed and are generously sized to offer plenty of grip, though the latches must be released before you can truly get a good hold on the handles. The can is made of durable plastic and is manufactured right here in the United States.

The Doggy Dare Trash Can Lock can save you from having to buy an entirely new trash can, yet it is highly effective against animals. This large size fits 45-gallon trash cans, though a small size suitable for 32-gallon cans is also available. This lock can keep out raccoons, rodents, dogs, and livestock.

For residents with automated trash collection, toters up to 96 gallons are available from the City. The first toter is provided by the City and must remain with the property. All additional toters are $75 and can be paid for at the Sanitation Office or City Hall. Yard waste and building materials are not accepted for disposal in toters. 041b061a72


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