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MIXED DB 3 [F13].txt ((EXCLUSIVE))

FORTRAN and columnar styles may be freely intermixed. Columnar styleleaves the active column immediately after the ending columnspecified. Record motion using NEWREC in FORTRAN style alsoapplies to later FORTRAN and columnar specifiers.

MIXED DB 3 [F13].txt

Download File:

The following example also reads variable X from a.txt andvariable Y from b.txt. If one file is shorter than the otherthen it continues reading the longer to its end, setting the othervariable to system-missing.

  • Below is a list of changes that may help you decide if you need the latest version/revision of the software (or not).New versions are created when either a needed change has been made to the software or a significant new feature is added. New revisions are made when only minor changes or additions are released. Download the latest version/revision3/10/2023 ver 8.04, rev 3 :

  • Added options for `Copy all settings for this screen from other gender` to tabs in addition to the current Header and Int/Speed Trap tabs. The new options are towards the top right of the Factors / Lists, Officials, and Run Data tabs.

  • Corrected an issue with 2nd Run Results where the count of competitors listed in each status group was listed as though it was the final results and not a run result.

  • Corrected a small issue with a 2nd timer connection where in some situations you couldn`t select the type of timer from the dropdown.

  • For Snowboardcross and Ski Cross the 2nd Run timing option is now always available.

  • Updated the XML transmission for Ski Cross to meet the 7/29/2022 spec.

  • Updated Snowboardcross XML to match changes made for Ski Cross.

  • 1/30/2023 ver 8.04, rev 2 :

  • Added logic to pull Women from the latest FIS Snowboard list. In the past the Women have been listed in the file with an F or an L, but the latest list they are marked with a W.

  • Added Alpine Combined points management for Masters FIS races to the Edit Competitor screen.

  • Removed logic to check available disk space when using the `Save As` option since it was causing issues on PC emulator software and unlikely to be needed any more.

  • Version 8.04 12/20/2022Made a correction to the setting of the default Category Adders. These were set to 0 as part of the this year`s start-of-season processes because of a rule change by FIS. But, there was a legacy process still in place in the software that set the values if not set! This legacy process has been removed and the default Category Adders set to 0 again.

  • Made some changes specific to Para Classes:

  • Added Para Class to the Export process.

  • Added Para Class to the Import. The value of the column must be an exact match to one of the Para Classes as listed on the Para Info screen.

  • Added Para Class to the `Alternate Use for Race Pts` option so the data may be visible on the Competitors tab.

  • 12/14/2022 ver 8.03, rev 3 :

  • Updated the Para Factors to match the new numbers released by FIS.

  • Reinstated the Info button on the Header tab showing the Para Factors table.

  • 12/7/2022 ver 8.03, rev 2 :

  • As requested by FIS changed the Email address for sending in data from to

  • Changes to the `Copy all from other gender` option on the Header tab:

  • 1 Expanded to Copy feature to include all fields for Snowboard, XC, Masters and Freeski.

  • 2 Corrected an issue where Finish Elevation wasn`t being copied.

  • Added logic to automatically set the Race Name on the Live-Timing tab to match any changes to the Race Name on the Header tab (if the race hasn't been registered yet).

  • Added an option in the `Other Menu` on the Competitors Tab so different data may be displayed in the Race Pts column temporarily. The alternate fields are: Amount Paid, Custom 1, Custom 2, Cross Reference 1, Cross Reference 2. The column may then be sorted via the new option of clicking the column header if one of the Custom fields is selected.

  • Version 8.03 9/24/2022First release for 2022/2023 season.

  • Added sorting options directly to the list of competitors. Clicking the header of a column will sort by that field. The fields with sort options available are marked with a red triangle in the top right corner. This works on the full list of competitors or the currently selected block. If the selection to be sorted is already sorted (or you click for a 2nd time) it will sort in the reverse order.

  • Added the start of season processes which include clearing the FIS Category Adders.

  • Scored National Level races now may optionally include DNS competitors, in addition to the DNF/DSQ competitors already allowed.

  • Added LAN support for Microgate REI Pro and REI 2.

  • Changed the `TAG Heuer CP 540/545/440` timer option to capture 1 additional digit of precision. So, if available, it now captures and manages to 1/100,000. This is because it`s an option with the 545 to set the precision to this level and the timer prints to this precision (making it verifiable).

  • Version 8.02 5/10/2022Added options to manage the new 24 Hour Online License feature. A 24 Hour Online License is a way to temporarily enable the timing features of the software without the usual requirement of a key. They are now included free with licenses 6 months or longer or may be purchased. These are incredibly useful for situations like: ** That one race that`s scheduled after your license has expired. ** That day where you`re hosting more races at once than you have keys. ** That race that needs backup timing that you hadn`t planned on. ** That emergency situation where you lost your key or there`s a key issue... See the home page for a link to full details in the wiki.

  • 3/27/2022 ver 8.01, rev 6 :

  • Added UTF-8 options for Import and Export. This allows the correct accent characters (for French in particular) to be imported and exported depending on the file source and use for the file.

  • Updated the `Level` values for XML transmission for FIS for SnowboardCross.

  • Changed the default input values for the Alge TIMY for Dual timing for the right course to channels 3 and 4.

  • 3/10/2022 ver 8.01, rev 5 :

  • Added logic for U.S. Ski and Snowboard so that certain XML transmission fields are set differently than FIS in some situations. So, when it`s a FIS event the software asks if the XML is being sent to FIS before creating the file.

  • For 2nd Run Start List graphics reports there was an option to include DNF and DSQ competitors. This has now been split out so you can decide which of DSQ, DNF, DNS groups you want to include. This only applies to National level races.

  • Corrected an issue for 2nd Run Start List where it wouldn`t include DSQ/DNF/DNS competitors unless the option to sort was taken (when Auto Sort is set off in the Edit Options screen).

  • Added Export options for intermediates and speed traps.

  • Added diagnostics to help track down an error that sometimes happens in EET processing.

  • 1/31/2022 ver 8.01, rev 4 :

  • For the XML transmission file for FIS - removed the field Clubname for any competitor without data in the field. A blank entry in this field was causing errors from FIS.

  • For Snowboard added the ability to gather foot placement (Goofy / Regular). This is via a field on the top right of the Edit Competitor screen if set to Snowboard. This value is displayed on the graphics format First Run Start List.

  • 1/21/2022 ver 8.01, rev 3 :

  • Made a correction to Graphics Race Results and other reports that include the point list number. Because the file name format for US and FIS points list changed the software was no longer extracting the points list number from the file name correctly. Now fixed.

  • Changed the logic to updating licenses. Key codes are now formatted as a number like 123.4567, and update codes will be a sequence of 6 unambiguous characters.

  • Corrected an issue with file names for Masters FIS points list downloads.

  • 1/4/2022 ver 8.01, rev 2 :

  • Made changes to the timing pop-up screens that give DNF, Edit etc. options. The change makes it easier to click on the option you want. The width is now the full width of the screen as opposed to just where the text is. Also, the option turns to bold when the mouse is over any selection.

  • Corrected an issue with file names for Masters points list downloads.

  • Added an option for the Dual timing screen so both starts will be triggered from either start being triggered. This is set from the Timing Setup and Test screen under Input Mapping Dual Timing. This setting is saved so it will remain in place after a software restart. Used for PGS/PSL.

  • Fixed an issue with the Minimum Time setting on the Dual timing screen used for PSL and PGS.

  • Version 8.01 12/4/2021Made changes to deal with 8-digit FIS numbers.

  • Corrected an issue which was an unintended consequence of a previous `fix` where sometimes Official numbers could miss digits on their member numbers.

  • Added in some missed fields to the option to Copy from the other gender on the Header tab.

  • Version 8.00 11/12/2021Removed the options during installation where it would check if you are using a green key. If you are still using a green key please switch to a blue key. Although no longer supported green keys will still work but now the software installs the driver every time (which for some users using a green key would cause the driver to be replaced with a generic driver).

  • Added an option on the Header tab to copy all settings from the other gender. Currently this works for Alpine data but will be expanded to all possible options on the Header tab. There`s a button at the top right of the screen. You must confirm once the option is taken.

  • EET options for Elapsed calculations have been removed since they are no longer allowed to be used.

  • Added start of season processes: Moving races to a backup folder, and an option to update the Class settings.

  • 5/19/2021 ver 7.00, rev 8 :

  • Changed the U.S Ski and Snowboard points download connection to their new FTP location. NOTE: This is no longer port 21, but now port 7994. So, this may require a change in your security (by your IT department) to allow access, and in particular FTP access, to that port.

  • 5/01/2021 ver 7.00, rev 7 :

  • Improved the logic of Numerical sorting of the Custom Fields so that they will sort if there is a decimal point (up to 3 digits after the point). So examples of acceptable values that would be sorted correctly are: 7, 10.3, 2378.345

  • Freeski points changes:

  • Made corrections so it can once again pull Competitor data from the Freeski People.txt file.

  • Added logic to pull Freeski officials from People.txt.

  • Added the ability to download and use Freeski FIS points via a csv file created by U.S. Ski and Snowboard.

  • 4/6/2021 ver 7.00, rev 6 :

  • Further correction to Official`s numbers with trailing * symbols from rev 3. It seems this had been corrected for all officials except to the TD. Now fixed.

  • 4/5/2021 ver 7.00, rev 5 :

  • Made changes to the management of Snowboard Points list downloads from U.S. Ski and Snowboard to deal with list numbers 10 and above (the extra digit had been causing issues).

  • Corrected an issue where the wrong Input Mapping data would be displayed for the 2nd timer.

  • 3/17/2021 ver 7.00, rev 4 :

  • Corrected what must have been a long time error where in two run events the forerunners from the two runs would get mixed up while timing the second run.

  • 3/10/2021 ver 7.00, rev 3 :

  • Corrected an issue with sending Official`s USSA Numbers in the XML file where sometimes some spaces and an asterisk (*) would be added to the number.

  • Due to COVID and the goal to avoid groups congregating in one place an option has been added to the Single Course Digital Scoreboard screen where a user-selected image may be displayed instead of the Rankings sections. The image can be anything: a logo, an image with a text message, or a blank image. Any image selected will be stretched to fit the area. The ideal dimensions for the image are listed on the screen where the image is selected. The option is accessed via the Digital Scoreboard menu on the Single Timing screens.

  • Updated the logic of processing Officials files to capture the Nation of the Official from the file. This is currently only used by lists from Canada. If the nation is not part of the file (as is the case in the U.S.) the Nation will default to the nation set under Edit Default. This new logic applies on the Defaults page as well as the regular Officials tab.

  • Corrected an issue with the Telemark setting where the result wouldn`t display correctly. Before this correction it would only show the penalty.

  • 6/9/2020 ver 7.00, rev 2 :

  • Modified the logic to process the new format for ACA Alpine Points Lists which now include the additional data for Para Athletes.

  • Version 7.00 5/13/2020Added list of 5 most recently used races (files) in File menu so can easily move between multiple races.

  • Updated the Verify Key option to deal with multiple keys. Keys may be changed while in the screen and the `Timing (Enabled)` setting is changed accordingly. It also includes links to related information and to options to update licenses.

  • Added the ability to record Start and Finish Hand Times directly into the software. This can be done via otherwise unused inputs on your main timer or via the new 2nd Timer option (below). Inputs to be used for Hand Timing are set via the Input Mapping. Hand Times must be received within 2 seconds of an actual Start or Finish. NOTE: this feature is not designed as a replacement for correct hand timing, rather an enhanced way to get times into the software potentially for EET calculation.

  • Added support for a 2nd Timer. The ideal use for this is where you want intermeditae and speed trap inputs managed via a different timer. Please see the selections and instructions on the `2nd Timer` tab of the `Setup and Test` screen.

  • Made changes to the Class management for Masters (thanks to Deb Lewis). This includes the ability to set the Minimum Age via the `Edit Classes` and options to preset for U.S. Masters and FIS Masters. Also, this change is represented by the automatic assignment of Masters classes and the Class descriptions used in reports.

  • Added support for Para Events. This is set on the `Header` tab near the bottom. Please read the explanation via the `?` button next to the option.

  • Added Scoreboard support for Dual Tag HL 980 (Alpha Numeric). When this option is used the 2nd display shows Bib and Rank.

  • Added logic to Snowboardcross rankings to deal with the rule where rank for ties is determined by FIS points. This mostly applies when a qualifying round is not used.

  • 12/17/2019 ver 6.90, rev 4 :

  • Corrected an issue where the race start time was not being transmitted correctly to

  • 12/6/2019 ver 6.90, rev 3 :

  • Converted from `Ladies` to `Women` per 2019/2020 FIS precisions (Southern Hemisphere Edition).

  • 11/3/2019 ver 6.90, rev 2 :

  • Added an Announcer Screen option to the Single Course Timing screen. Unlike the Digital Scoreboard option this may be resized as needed.

  • Version 6.90 8/15/2019First release for the 2019/20 season.

  • Added to the start-of-season process an option to automatically update the Maximum Values for FIS Alpine points since they have changed for this season. If this option is not taken the values may be changed at any time via the menu option Edit Defaults Factors / Lists. Note the change will only apply to races as they`re created.

  • Added an option on the timing screens to Undo a False Start or a False Finish. This is useful if you do a false start/finish by accident or if you do multiple by mistake. The option is only visible after a false start/finish is done as an additional button to the right. It keeps track of up to 5 false inputs. The option is available for 30 seconds for any false input. The option is on both the single course timing and the dual course timing screens.

  • Added an option to the View Timing Log screen to open the complete Timing Log in Notepad. This allows further options for searching, printing etc. of the timing log and the log to be saved to a file.

  • Corrected the Intermediate Graphics report for 2 Run 2 Intermediates where it was showing the wrong splits for the 2nd run.

  • Added an Intermediate Graphics Report for `3 Intermediates, 2 Runs`.

  • Added the ability to edit 2nd and 3rd speed trap data for the 2nd run on the TOD Edit screen.

  • Added an option to add extra lines with speed information to Intermediate Graphics Reports. Counter-intuitively this only applies to reports that don`t already include speed columns. If you have any speed traps set you will be asked if you want to add speed information and then 1 or 2 additional lines (depending if it`s a 1 run or 2 run report) will be added with up to 3 speeds. At the bottom of the report the speed details will be listed with description and speed trap length.

  • 4/12/2019 ver 6.82, rev 13 :

  • Added the ability to upload any pdf file to a race listing on The option to do this is available in two places: via the `Report` menu on the Competitors tab and via the `Other Options...` menu on the Live-Timing tab. This may be useful to upload a race schedule, an announcement, reports generated outside the software, or any other race relevant information.

  • 3/29/2019 ver 6.82, rev 12 :

Converted special XML characters in the transmission file to be XML compliant. So, a single quote is set to ' etc. Characters converted are: 041b061a72


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