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Download The Best of Tracy Chapman Full Album Zip for Free and Legally

tracy chapman is a true rock star. it seems that every time i return to the tracy chapman collection i am amazed at what a voice has been built into this collection. it is a great starting point for the interested listener. this album is a testament to her ability to grow and change over time. if you have ever been introduced to her music, you owe it to yourself to check out the rest of her discography.

Tracy Chapman-The Best Of Tracy Chapman Full Album Zip

as the great woody guthrie once said, the key to a good song is good words. this is something that most of chapman s album-writing peers have forgotten. chapman has one of the best voices in the world. she uses it to its fullest potential. i have always found her voice to be one of the most sensual ive ever heard, and it is obvious that she puts a great deal of thought into her lyrics. i admire that. i also admire the ability of her songwriting. chapman makes it clear on her first two albums, that she is a woman of the world. she is politically and socially aware. but she doesnt hold back. chapman takes her life experiences and uses them as fodder for her songs. what i admire most about her is her ability to be so candid and straightforward without sounding like she is beating someone up. like all good songwriters, she makes you feel as if she is talking to you one on one. no doubt chapman will be as versatile in her solo career as she was in living colours. i am definitely looking forward to that.

chapman is a unique talent. with her upcoming solo album, i am sure she will continue to grow, both as a musician and as a person. tracys voice and lyric writing are refreshing and groundbreaking. she has a gift for writing a song that is smart, intelligent, and thought-provoking. and of course, her voice is a gift that she uses to great advantage. i cant wait to hear what she has in store for the next generation of music fans.


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